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Search can be restricted to occurrences that are not part of a larger word, or are the exact combination of uppercase and lowercase letters in the specified text. Help > Help Displays the MAXScript 4 Online Reference. Help > About MAXScript Displays About MAXScript dialog. TAB, CTRL+I Indents selected lines of text by one tab width. SHIFT+TAB, SHIFT+CTRL+I Unindents selected lines of text by one tab width. xlvii xlviii Chapter | Introduction SHIFT+ENTER A MAXScript Editor can send code selections to Listener for evaluation.

If the error occurs in a controller script or rollout panel script, the error message is displayed in an Alert Box window, otherwise it is printed in the Listener output pane. The diagnostic information is in the form of a call stack trace-back which can help determine the cause and location of the error in your code. The call stack trace-back shows the nesting of called MAXScript functions at the point of error, deepest ones first to outermost ones last. The call stack trace-back also displays the values in all the local variables and function parameters at the levels they are declared or first used.

Mse encrypted scripts. You can couple this script source code encryption with the hardwareLockID variable and the encrypted file I/O functions to provide authorization-based protection for your scripts. {}][(e | E)[+ | -]{}+] These rules, or syntax definitions, follow the standard EBNF notation (Extended Backus-Naur Form). The previous example shows the syntax for a decimal number in MAXScript. The rules typically contain a number of characters with special meanings. For example, brackets enclose optional items, such as the minus sign in front of the number.

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