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Geared toward people who are drawn to spirituality. This e-book employs the definition of spirituality - the non-physical facets of lifestyles and attracts on many of the world's nice non secular, philosophical and non secular traditions. It is helping readers to appreciate what 'spirituality' ability and the way it differs from faith. This publication is geared toward anyone and everyone who's drawn to spirituality - mostly, and their very own specifically. It employs the widest attainable definition of spirituality - the non-physical features of lifestyles and attracts on lots of the world's nice spiritual, philosophical and religious traditions. It emphasises the ninety consistent with cent on which all can agree. useful spirituality is set self-knowledge, self-empowerment and looking for peace and contentment in a probably imperfect global. via a mix of insights, anecdotes, quotations, and useful actions, this booklet can assist readers to appreciate what 'spirituality' skill and the way it differs from faith. writer BIOG: David Lawrence Preston is a number one authority within the sector of private and non secular improvement, dependent within the united kingdom. He is helping humans to rework their lives via his books, one to 1 lifestyles training classes, talks and workshops, classes and audio CDs. His is the writer of 365 Steps to Self-Confidence and 365 how you can be your individual lifestyles trainer.

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Finally take your attention to the one who is observing all these – your Higher Self. Feel yourself connected to the unlimited energy Source and feel the life force flowing through you. Affirm: ‘I am a spiritual being, perfect and divine. Nothing can hurt or frighten me, for spirit cannot be hurt or afraid. ’ When ready, open your eyes and return to your normal activities. 57 A Point of Light Appearances are not our essence. We’re paradoxes – we live in mortal bodies and are at the same time non-physical.

Above all, we don’t need to rely on things to be happy – we are happy just being. 59 The Vital Force Once upon a time, according to eastern legend, a quarrel broke out between the five senses and the life force, prana (spirit). Each claimed to be the most essential to the body. The eyes claimed to be indispensable because they alone could provide sight; the ears because they could hear, the skin’s 53 365 STEPS TO PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY sensors because they possess the faculty of touch, the tongue and nose because they make it possible to taste and smell.

There is no separation between us (although we do have the ability to think of ourselves as separate). 29 365 STEPS TO PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY CI cannot intervene directly in events any more than it already does because it is already fully involved. It maintains an orderly universe by laying down and putting into effect the laws by which everything functions. It is not independent from us but works through us, as illustrated by the following story. 31 What More Could I Have Done? The river had burst its banks and flooded the town.

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