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FOR extra This ebook, exposes the lovely fact approximately the US and its reference to 666, which the reader will study, represents not anything greater than funds. the yankee Dream of prosperity is unmasked because the nice engine designed to serve the elite and satisfy their egocentric wishes. not just does the booklet supply an easy clarification of each bankruptcy and verse of Revelation, however it additionally discloses the reality approximately the United States, human nature, and the truth of the realm during which we are living. extraordinary but basic causes depart the reader no doubt as to how and why the yankee empire is destroying the environment and peace at an alarming price. realize the potential through which robust organizations, banks, and governments improve the worldwide empire by way of “determining the value of goods and human existence” whereas they “acquire riches…leaving the bulk impoverished, unequal and unhappy.” most significantly, an answer of the way we will swap the area is given in plainness.

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In both types of slavery, the wise ones are forced to work or they will die. The former was provided food, clothing, and shelter; the latter is given a piece of paper that must be exchanged for commodities owned by another slave owner. The slave’s desire to live enriches the landowner for whom he or she works, and also the merchant from whom he or she must purchase life. The former was forced into chains if work and rules were not completed as established by the master; the latter is locked in a jail cell for the same reasons.

Their lives will be spent in misery and stress as they attempt to realize a persistent but virtually hopeless illusion. These dreams are based on an image formed in their minds when they first entered a world shared by billions of others with the same quest—attempting to find out who and what they are as individuals. These young women are tragically convinced that they do not fit in properly, nor do they fulfill the purpose of their existence and find happiness, unless their preconceived image becomes a reality.

The equation is: (corporate/foundation value) – (human value) = (profit). These entities will not, by choice, devalue themselves; therefore, the only determinant left to be reduced is human value. At length, there are those who awaken from the deep sleep into which they have been lulled by the carnal security provided by their master. By the light of day, they see the hopelessness in reaching the top of the 42 666 The Mark of America, Seat of the Beast chain. They witness others clamoring over each other, dragging each other down in their attempt to reach the top.

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