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P. [r] STRONG POISON; p. (2]list of books by Sayers; p. [3] title-page; p. [4] publication, re-issue, ISBN, and printer's notices; pp. I. 18·3x 12·4 em. Bulk: 2·3/2·5 em. Bound in red cloth; front and back blank; spine [stamped in gold:] STRONG I POISON I BY I DOROTHY L. I SAYERS I GOLLANCZ Price: £r ·25; number of copies not disclosed. Published October 1970. Dust jacket: bright yellow printed in black and magenta. Printed at The Camelot Press, London and Southhampton. Notes: p. 273 "SP" signature from Ana.

Ii] blank; p. [iii] titlepage; p. [iv) copyright, rights reservation, publisher's device of lighted candle in holder, notice of American manufacture; pp. v-vi CONTENTS; p. [vii] [section heading:) INTRODUCTION; p. [viii] blank; pp. [1)-16 INTRODUCTION; p. [17) EDITOR'S ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS; p. [18) blank; p. [19] PUBLISHER'S NOTE: p. [2o] blank; p. [21) THE SECOND I OMNIBUS OF CRIME; p. [22] blank; pp. [23)-855 text with pp. [23, 357] section headings and pp. [24, 358) blank; p. [856] blank. 20·9 em.

New English Library (London) edition 1963: 222 pp. h. Avon Books (New York) edition 1963: 192 pp. i. ; text of THE UNPLEASANTNESS AT THE BELLONA CLUB, pp. 221-409· Translations: French, Danish, Swedish, German, Dutch, Finnish, Spanish, Czechoslovakian, Flemish, Greek, Portuguese, Norwegian, Italian. I. First edition: EDITED BY I DOROTHY L. SAYERS I GREAT SHORT STORIES I OF DETECTION, MYSTERY I AND HORROR I LONDON I VICTOR GOLLANCZ LTO I I4 Henrietta Street Covent Garden I 1928 Collation: (A] 16 B-Z 16 AA-MM 16 NN 8 Oo-PP 16 ($1 signed] 616leaves.

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