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More and more, the magickal neighborhood is made of city-dwelling Witches, Pagans, and Neo-Pagans. How do those humans mix a normal philosophy with the concrete jungle? A Charmed lifestyles is a transformational publication that incorporates spells, rituals, prayers, incantations, and all demeanour of necessary tricks for growing and keeping a fit, chuffed, and non secular setting.

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Take the token and put it as close as possible to the cardinal point to which it corresponds. You now have four reminders of the Elements of magick in place, which can also be used in establishing sacred space any time you wish. 56 A Charmed Life Lighting, Color, and Music Lighting, color, and music can improve the psychic-spiritual energies around us. We know, for example, that natural light is healthy and often lifts depression. Colors also influence our moods and energy levels. Music, of course, is the universal language through which we can convey vibrations throughout rooms, a whole house, and sometimes even further.

All you do is take a scrap of fabric and common household herbs, and tie the fabric around the herbs. Some good choices for carrying with you to work include apple peel for peace, dill for mental clarity, bay for protection, chamomile for success and calmness, and cloves to hinder gossip. Your sachet can be kept inconspicuously in a purse, desk drawer, or filing cabinet. If you don’t have any of these components, try simple salt instead. This has been used throughout world history as a cleanser and protector.

Coming out of the Broom Closet One circumstance when our communication skills as Witches are tested is when we’re discussing the Craft with people outside magickal traditions. This is very different from working A Charmed Life 48 one-on-one or with a magickal group. The reactions you can anticipate receiving run the full emotional gamut from fear to joyful acceptance. This makes our job pretty tough, and it requires that we know intimately of what we speak so we can answer difficult questions. It also requires a certain diplomacy on our part.

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