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By Egbert J. Bakker

A complete account of the language of historical Greek civilization in one quantity, with contributions from major foreign students overlaying the old, geographical, sociolinguistic, and literary views of the language. a suite of 36 unique essays by means of a group of foreign scholarsTreats the survival and transmission of historic GreekIncludes discussions on phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics

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Kühn, Medicorum graecorum opera quae exstant, Hildesheim 1964–5 (repr. of 1821–33 edn) Lalies Lalies, Actes des sessions de linguistique et de littérature LCM Liverpool Classical Monthly LEC Les Études classiques LGPN A Lexicon of Greek Personal Names, Oxford 1987– LSAG L. H. Jeffery, The Local Scripts of Archaic Greece, Oxford 1961; repr. with a Supplement 1961–87 by A. W. Johnston, 1990 LSJ Liddell and Scott, Greek–English Lexicon, 9th edn, rev. H. Stuart Jones, Oxford 1925–40 MAMA Monumenta Asiae Minoris Antiqua, Manchester 1928– MEG Medioevo Greco MH Museum Helveticum ML R.

The perspective is historical-comparative, in that Greek (and Latin) is studied against the background of the reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European, with an eye toward structural similarities between the two ancient languages as well as toward either language’s contribution to the reconstruction of the proto-language. Greek was found to be a valuable branch in the Indo-European tree, providing important evidence for what the stem or the root was like. The historical-comparative method has also yielded benefits for the Greek language itself, in the form of deep insight into how linguistic prehistory has shaped the language’s morphology and phonology as it can be observed in our texts.

Dative Delph. Delphian Dor. Doric du. dual E. East E. Gk East Greek E. Ion. Gk Early Modern Greek ed(s). editor(s) Eg. Egyptian, Egypt El. Elean ep. epic Eub. Euboean exx. examples fem. feminine fl. floruit fragm. fragment fut. future fut. pf. future perfect Gal. Galatia GAves. Gathic Avestan gen. genitive Germ. German Gk Greek Linguistic and Other Abbreviations Heb. Hebrew Hier. Luw. Hieroglyphic Luwian Hitt. Hittite Hom. Homeric IE Indo-European imp. imperative imperf. imperfect indic. indicative inf.

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