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By Ulrich Beck

Faith posits one attribute as an absolute: religion. in comparison to religion, all different social differences and resources of clash are insignificant. the recent testomony says: ‘We are all equivalent within the sight of God'. to ensure, this equality applies in basic terms to people who recognize God's life. What this suggests is that along the abolition of sophistication and state in the group of believers, faith introduces a brand new primary contrast into the area the excellence among the correct of believers and the incorrect style. therefore openly or tacitly, faith brings with it the demonization of believers in different faiths.

The primary query that would make a decision the ongoing life of humanity is that this: How will we conceive of one of those inter-religious tolerance during which loving one's neighbor doesn't suggest battle to the dying, a kind of tolerance whose aim isn't fact yet peace?

Is what we're experiencing at the moment a regression of monotheistic faith to a polytheism of the non secular spirit below the heading of ‘a God of one's own'? In Western societies, the place the autonomy of the person has been internalized, person people are likely to believe more and more at liberty to inform themselves little religion tales that healthy their very own lives to nominate ‘Gods in their own'. in spite of the fact that, this God of
their personal is not any longer the only and in simple terms God who presides over salvation through seizing keep an eye on of heritage and empowering his fans to be illiberal and use bare force.

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Conversely, in Poland, Ireland, Switzerland and Portugal, fewer than 10 per cent never go to church, while in France, Great Britain, the Netherlands and eastern Germany – on a rising scale – this is true of over 50 per cent. (Casanova 2007: 326) However, although in Western Europe (albeit with considerable variations) the Christian churches are emptying at an almost spooky rate (so providing evidence in support of secularization theory), the opposite picture emerges at a global level, where outside Europe we see the revitalization of religious belief, especially of Christianity.

What secularization theory has to say is, if framed in general terms, false. Looked at regionally, it amounts to the assertion that Christianity is in the process of being deEuropeanized. Christianity is thriving outside Europe; European Christianity is fading away (even though there are fresh shoots here too – more on this point later on). This finding points us to an epistemological insight: anyone who fails to make the switch from a national point of view to a cosmopolitan one fails to grasp the real situation.

An international workers’ movement was beginning to appear on the political horizon and this opened up the prospect of a world revolution. Marx’s ideas triggered panic in the nation-state. Its response was to treat the class problem that had grown out of the upheavals caused by industrialization as a problem within the nation-state. In this way, transnational class dynamics were transformed into numerous separate national ‘social questions’, and, following this, the inte- The Return of the Gods 45 gration of the proletariat into the different nation-states rose to the top of the political agenda.

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