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Even within these artistic individuals, the division of labour forces their creative activity into one aspect of artistic endeavour – as a painter or a sculptor, for example. Similarly, the demand for their work and the conditions of human culture of the society they are in also determine the extent to which they will successfully develop their talents. So even the great classical artists such as Raphael, Leonardo de Vinci and Titian, Marx maintains, all produced under these constraints. In contrast, in a communist society, the artist breaks free Bakunin, Mikhail (1814–1876) 31 from these restrictions because there are now no painters as such, but only people who engage in painting among other activities, once the division of labour has been overcome.

The self-valorization of capital – the creation of surplus value – is therefore the determining, dominating and overriding purpose of the capitalist; it is the absolute motive and content of his or her activity. It is the rationalized motive and aim of the hoarder, which makes it plain that the capitalist is as much a cog in the machine of capitalist production as the worker, although in a quite different manner. Due to the external force of laws of capitalist competition and the need to accumulate, anyone assuming the role of capitalist will be forced to act in this way, irrespective of whether his or her intentions are good or bad.

The simple model of direct class rule, as described in The Communist Manifesto, is not reflected in the intricate relationship between the bourgeoisie and the state described in the Brumaire. In the French Second Republic the bourgeoisie was unable to manipulate collectively the state, but the state was still obliged to operate in its interests. One of the things that Marx points out in the Brumaire is that the members of the republican opposition that loosely represented the interests of the industrial bourgeoisie were not for the most part factory owners, but rather writers, lawyers and officials motivated initially by political rather than economic interests.

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