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By Bernard Aupetit

This textbook presents an creation to the hot recommendations of subharmonic features and analytic multifunctions in spectral conception. subject matters contain the elemental result of practical research, bounded operations on Banach and Hilbert areas, Banach algebras, and purposes of spectral subharmonicity. each one bankruptcy is through workouts of various hassle. a lot of the subject material, rather in spectral concept, operator conception and Banach algebras, comprises new effects.

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Obviously we have Spx C e(x). Let (Sp x)" be the polynomially convex hull of Sp x, that is the union of Sp x with the bounded components of C\ Sp x, and let Ao 0 (Sp x)-. 6 there exists y such that Ao1 - x = e', and consequently A0 e(x). In other words, Sp x C e(z) C (Sp x)^. This implies in particular that c(x) is a non-empty compact subset of C because GI(A) is open in A. We now prove a simple and nice result characterizing the spectrum of i, for i E A/I, where I is a closed two-sided ideal of A.

EXERCISE 7. Given T E U (X) and A 76 0 prove that dimN(T - AI) _ codim R(T - AI) = dimH(T* - XI) = codim R(T - XI). EXERCISE 8. Let H be a separable Hilbert space with orthonormal basis el, e3..... We consider T the left weighted shift having weight an = 1/n (resp. S the right Some Classes of Operators 29 weighted shift). Prove that T and S are compact operators on H, that T is nilpotent and that S is not nilpotent. Moreover show that Sp S = {0}. Let H be a Hilbert space and let I be a closed two-sided ideal of E(H).

Consequently every maximal left (resp. right, reap. two-sided) ideal of A is closed. In particular Rad A is closed, so Al Rad A is a semi-simple Banach algebra. PROOF. Let L be a maximal left ideal of A. 1. Consequently 1 fl B(1, I) = 0 and so Z # A. This implies that L = 1 if L is maximal. 3 (i), Rad A is closed. 3. Suppose that A is a Banacb algebra and that a is invertible. If fix - all < 1/IIa-111, then x is invertible. Moreover the mapping z " x-1 is a bomeomorphism from G(A) onto G(A). PROOF.

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