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By Tammy Gagne

Secure -haven investments are awarded to the teenager reader stressing the confident rewards and draw back dangers. the teenager can be in a greater place to make clever cash funding judgements sooner or later.

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It was promoted by many influential people and institutions. Bankers, newspaper publishers, and even famous actors and actresses encouraged Americans to buy Series E bonds. During the time they were available, more of these bonds were owned than any other type of security in the world. Unlike Baby Bonds, Series E bonds kept earning interest long after they reached maturity. Depending on when a person bought one of these bonds, it could keep growing in value for thirty to forty years. Series E bonds were sold until 1980.

Also, interest rates are often compounded—meaning they are calculated at regular intervals, and then added to your principal. When this happens, you begin to earn interest on the interest, not just your original principal. So, the amount you earn at the end of the year (your yield), could actually be higher than your interest rate. indd 40 5/16/13 9:04 AM What Exactly Are Annuities? On the other hand, if you choose a set time limit for your payments and you die before you receive all of them, your beneficiary will receive the remaining payments.

People who are close to retirement can opt for immediate payments on their annuities. Everyone else must choose annuities with deferred payments. You can begin collecting payments when you reach the age of 59 ½. Until then, you won’t have to pay any taxes on the money earned from annuities. You can opt for payments that you receive for the rest of your life or payments that only go on for a certain period of time. Both options include a certain amount of risk. If you opt for payments for life and you die before you receive all the money, the insurance company gets to keep whatever is left.

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