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By Sirona Knight

Deals not only one yet thirteen interesting own tales from cutting-edge so much well known witches. Compiled and edited by means of Sirona Knight, a working towards witch and recognized Pagan writer, this exceptional booklet presents a lens into the internal global of witchcraft as 13 major Wiccan authors describe their religious trips through specific interviews. those thirteen women and men, together with Patricia Telesco, AJ Drew, Ambrose Hawk, woman Sabrina, Skye Alexander, Gerina Dunwich and Dorothy Morrison, clarify how they got here to stroll down the Wiccan course, sharing their insights, emotions, ideas, in addition to describing their life-changing studies. all of them come from various backgrounds, reside in numerous elements of the area, and perform varied kinds of magick. This unique selection of religious trips presents a close-up inspect the magickal international of witchcraft, which may end up in multiplied understanding, empowerment, and a extra enriching existence.

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If we don’t want people to perceive us as stereotypical Witches, then we need to take care not to look like the Hollywood stereotype. We need to do some image-polishing. As Pagans, we cannot expect people to accept us as part of mainstream society unless we are out there doing things. We need to stay in touch with our government officials and find out what they are doing. We need to keep a check on how they are handling our lives. As Pagans, we need to express our displeasure when it’s necessary and we definitely need to vote.

Will our work have made a significant difference? Will we have created more congruence, connection, world peace, kindness, and love? My hope is that our work will help more people wake up, come alive, and shine with compassion and love toward one another, animals, trees, plants, and the land. 48 My Story An eminent psychologist said that my book Dream Magic was dangerous because it showed people how to control their dreams and that it had the potential to topple nations and institutions. I certainly hope so!

In many ways women and men seem the same, and in other ways, as Dr. John Gray puts it, they act as though they are from different planets—Venus and Mars, according to Dr. Gray. That is because feminine and masculine energies are polar opposites, in the same way hot and cold are. The merging 41 A Witch Like Me of these polarities into one is what Divinity is all about, particularly in terms of Wicca. In Oneness, you do not lose your individuality. Instead, you reaffirm your individuality and its connection to the whole.

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