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Those appendices weren't incorporated within the paper model of the sourcebook as they might have made the paper model of the sourcebook unwieldy, yet they might be very priceless for resettlement practitioners.

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With regard to resettlement, this option provides a local solution and obviates the need for out-of-area resettlement, with all the latter's attendant concerns about host populations. It has been adopted as a key part of the Resettlement Action Plan and is discussed in detail below. The construction of the power channel will require the acquisition of about 2,507 ha of land from private landowners, with another 133 ha being state-owned land. Of this, only 1,000 ha will be retained permanently for the excavated prism of the power channel, a 10 m wide road and 25 m wide green belt on each side of the power channel.

12. The Social Development Team in ASTHR would be available to advise the TM in making these assessments. Source: India Resettlement Handbook , World Bank, 1995, Annex 2. 4–4 Appendix 5 Checklist for Census Information Persons: • Aggregate number of individuals and households in each affected category • Age, gender, occupation of every individual (see list of PAP categories vulnerable to census exclusion) Property: • Personal property including details of ownership of – structures: houses, farm buildings, shops, industrial structures, grain drying area, latrines – land and type: irrigated or non irrigated, woodlots, grassland, wasteland, etc.

The original alignment, which was based on a balance between cut and fill, would have required extensive relocations in 16 villages. It would also have passed through more fertile and irrigated land. This was considered unacceptable from resettlement considerations. The adopted alignment avoids all villages by shifting the power channel to higher ground away from the river. This option significantly increases the requirement for excavation and therefore the overall cost of the Project, but decreases its negative social and environmental) impact.

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