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By Ammiel Alcalay

Alcalay (Hebrew literature, urban U. of latest York) argues that the very components of the old family among Jews and Arabs, and the character of the Levant itself, supply instruments for resolving the present state of affairs within the heart East. His sections conceal discontinued traces drafts for an itinerary,

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Those who didn't come to Israel settled primarily in France, England, North and South America, following the immigration patterns of their respective compatriots. Those from Asia Minor, for example, arrived in the Pacific Northwest with other Greek refugees after the turn of the century. Jews from Syria and Lebanon settled in Brooklyn and Latin America in the same waves that brought Christians and Muslims to seek their fortunes in the New World after the great famine at the turn of the century and the destruction and havoc wrought by the breakup of the Ottoman Empire and the First World War; those from Cairo and Alexandria joined Greek, Armenian, and other foreign nationals also forced to start new lives in various diasporas; those from Algeria, Tunis, and Morocco found themselves in a very familiar milieu with other North African emigre's in Paris and Montreal.

What sort of welcome was that? We felt they -were spitting in our faces. When we disembarked from the plane, they herded us into a train, which was so crowded that we were stepping on each other and our fine clothes were dirtied. My husband was crying and so was I. Then the children started crying and our sobs went up to heaven and cast a pall over the train. Since it was a freight carriage it had no electric light, but as it sped along we thought of the death trains which had taken European Jews to the Nazi camps.

1 Despite the severity of this encroachment, the dense and intricate interconnectedness of the Levantine world—its conceptual and concrete, though not necessarily political, unity and texture—remained remarkably intact, particularly for the Jews, well into the twentieth century. Although by no means always smooth or uniform, the identical geographical space of this world both sustained and outlasted a variety of ruling, administrative, and ideological orders. This was achieved through communal and familial ties, along with an international network of trade and 35 36 Discontinued Lines communications (often intertwined through economically advantageous marriages linking and expanding family and business conglomerates), all bound together and woven through by educational, religious, and intellectual authorities, traditions, and institutions.

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