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By John Zerzan

From Hesiod on via to the "primitivists" of at the present time, in terms of Rousseau, William Morris, and Fourier, between others51 choices in all. Here's a reader that throws gentle at the internal good judgment of civilization and its devouring direction. In those instances of desolation for person, society, and biosphere alike, any such assortment (including commentaries by means of Zerzan) is urgently wanted. Why does each tradition have its eager for a misplaced Golden Age? How have heritage and growth introduced us such sizeable separation and vacancy, the sort of experience of no destiny? Is it civilization itself that has introduced us the following? Schiller, Paul Shepard, Kirkpatrick Sale, Fourier, Perlman, Sahlins, Bahro, Zerzan, the Unabomber, and so forth. etc.visionaries and theorists exposing the principles of today's obstacle.

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And their descendants are there to this day in what is now Robeson County. Here one may meet striking mixed bloods who trace themselves back to that intermingling on the Outer Banks and who carry on the names of the Lost Colonists. Even while the search for the Lost Colonists was vainly going on, others of the English were becoming “lost” under the very eyes of the orthodox, and of these none excited greater opprobrium and more continuing vengeance than Thomas Morton of Massachusetts. With the single exception of a long section detailing the bestiality trial and execution of one Thomas Granger (another horrid example of the temptation to mix in the wilderness), there is no more luminous passage in Governor Bradford’s long chronicle of the early years of Massachusetts than that on Morton.

And Lope de Oviedo (“our strongest man”) turned away from the entreaties of Vaca to escape and stayed on with the natives while Vaca and the others slipped northward in the night. On the baffled and trackless Soto expedition there were numerous deserters, notably (from a white point of view) Francisco de Guzman, bastard son of a Seville hidalgo; a hidalgo named Mancano; and another named Feryada, a Levantine. And there was an unnamed Christian described by the Portuguese knight who chronicled the expedition: the Indians came in peace, and said that the Christian who remained there would not come.

That was many generations in the future as the first harvesters of wild wheat began to save some grains to plant. Yet we see them headed, however tentatively, toward the view of the planet as a thing rather than a thou, a product instead of an organism, to be possessed rather than encountered as a presence. This attitude connects with the psychological position of early infancy, when differentiation between the living and the nonliving is still unclear. The badly nurtured infant may become imprinted with the hardness of its cradle or bottle so irreversibly that it cannot, even as an adult, form fully caring human relationships.

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