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By Kenneth Grant

During this research of Aleister Crowley's procedure of sexual magic, Kenneth furnish finds the occult workings of the hearth Snake or Kundalini-Goddess the cosmic strength that after woke up via magical capability assumes the shape that Crowley known as the Scarlet lady. provide additionally describes a mode of dream regulate that Crowley and others used to identify touch with extraterrestrial and non-human beings and to organize themselves for the belief of precise cosmic awareness.

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The idea is to arouse the bodily pranas and cause their convergence upon the basic chakra or yoni. The pranas saturate the Kundalini, already enflamed by rhythmic breathing, mantra, ecstatic dancing (especially belly-dancing, which provokes the latent fire) and sexual coupling in which the woman inhibits her orgasm. Crowley frequently supplemented these techniques with alcohol and drugs in order to induce a state of tumescence. When the woman has been excited to the utmost pitch, but not before, the magician begins the manual passes.

From Kellner's successor (Theodor Reuss) ill 1922. O. is now notorious. O. was run on masonic lines, with rituals hardly distinguishable from those of orthodox Freemasonry. Crowley used these rituals as preparatory grades to the Mysteries of sexual magick which Kellner had introduced into the Order as a result of his contact with Eastern Tantric Adepts of the Vama Marg. The Mysteries themselves Crowley used as an engine for transmitting the Law of Thelema, the doctrine contained in AL. O. is a Body of Initiates which alms at the universal establishment of the Law of Thelema.

By means of this sexual magick of Thelema it will be possible to breed a race of beings in every way superior to that generated by the normal use-or more correctly, abuse-of the sexual energies. In magical terms, the child is the offspring of the Will (Phallus) and the Imagination, or image-making faculty (Kteis). In other words, the child is the Logos of Thelema and Agape. O. e. the womb of Nuit). , the occult Order of indefinite antiquity which has appeared in different guises throughout the centuries.

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