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By Karen Ball

A ebook telling you all you desired to learn about intercourse yet have been too afraid to invite. Dont be shy, its all right here, from undesirable breath to love-bites, the 1st fumble at nighttime to the morning after - youll quickly notice that birds and bees don't have anything to do with it. From the main angst ridden teenager to the couple pondering what theyre lacking, this advisor will enlighten and entertain.

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Some of us can even forget what it’s like to feel sexy. You usually first notice this lack of sex appeal on a Sunday afternoon in a DIY store. You look down at your feet and realise that you’re still wearing your slippers. 50 An Idiot’s Guide to Sex If this has ever happened to you, then I’m afraid you only have yourself to blame. You’ve been letting yourself go. Use the following checklist to see if you’re a slob who deserves to be single. Which of the following apply to you? ❑ You can’t remember when you last washed your bed linen.

Unbelievably, despite all the advice given by sensible grown-ups, teenagers prefer to throw caution to the wind and try on the cool cap by indulging in a nasty habit. Contrary to parental opinion, this really does hurt the teenager more than it hurts their parents. You have to put in a lot of hard work and commitment to get past the body’s natural objection to nicotine. Your first few cigarettes will probably make you very ill indeed, your favourite clothes 33 An Idiot’s Guide to Sex become littered with cigarette burns, and awkward newsagents no longer agree to sell cigarettes singly, so it’s quite an expensive habit too.

For either sex, here is an opportunity to laugh your head off at the expense of someone else, safe in the knowledge that they’ll never find out. 58 An Idiot’s Guide to Sex Who Lives In a House Like This? Your single friend’s adventures give you the opportunity to recce someone else’s abode without ever having to set foot in the place. Everyone uses their space to say a lot about themselves – from the books they put on the shelves to the food they have in the fridge. Louis de Bernières and champagne: yes.

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