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By Ian Hickman

Ian Hickman's past books, ''Analog Electronics'' and ''Practical Radio Frequency Handbook'', have supplied engineers and scholars alike with entire primers. within the ''Analog Circuits Cookbook'', Hickman deals suggestion on facets of analogue layout, from direct electronic synthesis to radio frequency measurements, and from optoelectronics to logarithmic amplifiers. according to articles in ''Electronics global and instant World'', together with the preferred ''Design Brief'' function, this booklet presents a nutrition of top quality layout concepts and practices, and confirmed circuit designs, all eager about analogue, RF or interface fields of electronics. the writer makes use of illustrations and examples instead of tricky mathematical concept to provide a wealth of rules and information in response to his personal workbench adventure. digital designers, scholars and experimenters, no matter if rookies or outdated palms, may still locate this e-book presents an invaluable consultant according to functional functions to the area of analogue circuits

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Thus at a distance of A/8, the impedance seen looking towards the open circuit is a capacitive reactance equal to or -j 1 £2 in this case. Drawing the diagram for the short circuit case gives +j 1 Q, illustrating the well known fact that ZO = V (ZocZs) The voltage and current both vary from zero to twice the incident value, at different points along the line, giving a standing wave ratio of infinity to 1. 5 s, if an rf source were connected to the line for just 1 s, the rest of the line being devoid of energy travelling in either direction.

For a loss free line where R-G=0, /simplifies to B , the j in the exponential indicating that it refers to the sine wave's phase, not its exponentially decreasing amplitude. Thus:, if R = G = 0, then: p = V(jG)ZjcoC) 2 = V(-co LC) =j

The devices driving the transformer were that good old standby the TIP121, driven straight from the outputs of a 5 V C M O S source of 50 Hz pulses derived from a 32 768 Hz crystal. However, they were groaning somewhat with the exertion, especially on a 1 2 V supply where their saturation voltage was also contributing embarrassingly to the circuit's poor regulation. At that point I remembered that some time previously I had bought in, on the end of an order, some BU^IO MOSFETs. 08 Q they cured the regulation problem at a stroke, accepted the CMOS drive direcdy, and even had a pin-out making them drop in replacements for the TIP12h\ Problem solved, without any delay procuring components.

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