Download Analog VLSI Neural Networks: A Special Issue of Analog by Yoshiyasu Takefuji (auth.), Yoshiyasu Takefuji (eds.) PDF

By Yoshiyasu Takefuji (auth.), Yoshiyasu Takefuji (eds.)

This ebook brings jointly in a single position very important contributions and cutting-edge study within the quickly advancing quarter of analog VLSI neural networks.
The e-book serves as a good reference, delivering insights into the most vital concerns in analog VLSI neural networks examine efforts.

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002 Time constant (sec) Fig. 12. Comparison of the area of a MOS-R time constant circuit and an afA-R time constant circuit as a function of the realized time constant. of a MOS-R or diffusion resistor time constant circuit has no constant term (cf. equation (2». In figure 12 the area as a function of the time constant is displayed for an orA-R and a MOS-R circuit. In our process, the orA-R is more efficient for time constants larger than about I ms. A diffusion resistor circuit has a larger area than a MOS-R circuit.

In this way, the update rule may be implemented in parallel without drawing large currents. 43 306 Shoemaker, Hutchens and Patil CH MOP 1 MSP Reset M1P MIP ~ I I I m <1>22 M2P liN 10 MOC 4>21 MFN MO Vss MIN CH i( Reset Fig. 7. Current copier/integrator. lIN is input current (summed over m LOT lines connected with a single glomerulus), and 10 is the accumulated output current. <1>21 and <1>22 are nonoverlapping clock phases which control opening and closing of transmission gate switches depicted.

The transconductance multiplier is a modified dual-quad circuit. The sigmoid nonlinearity of the first preprocessing option is imposed by the circuit shown in figure 4, in which the basis 8 G sets the threshold and Vc sets saturation. The input load is in practice a complementary series pair of MOSFETS A Hierarchical Clustering Network Based on a Model of Olfactory Processing - 01 I I I I I I 303 t""'~T + ~ (ij)(kl) Spa se Cell L of 20 conn. mxgxhxp + OJ I I I I I I I I P i Ig r i f o r m m ~ Inhibition Fig.

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