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This booklet has its roots in an idea first formulated by way of Barrie Gilbert in 1975. He confirmed how bipolar analog circuits can notice nonlinear and computational capabilities. This prolonged the analog artwork from linear to nonlinear purposes, therefore the identify trans linear circuits. not just did this new precept permit marvellous sign processing features to be safely applied, but additionally the circuits have been basic and sensible. The perennial difficulties of analog Ie layout, specifically temperature sensitivity, processing unfold, equipment nonlinearity and paracitic capacitance have been solved to a wide quantity. utilizing the trans linear precept in circuit layout calls for altering your perspective in methods. First, the grossly nonlinear attribute of transistors is seen as an asset instead of as a dangerous estate. moment, not are the signs represented via voltages, yet by means of currents. in truth, the attendant voltage alterations are distorted yet, as they're very small, they're simply of secondary curiosity. knowing and interpreting a given trans linear circuit in all fairness easy. yet what concerning the communicate state of affairs: consider you are given a few nonlinear or computational functionality to enforce? how to define an appropriate translinear circuit attention? the final challenge of analog circuit synthesis is a tricky one and is receiving a lot realization these days. a few years in the past, I had the chance to enquire tools for designing bipolar trans linear circuits. It grew to become out that translinear networks have a few exact topological homes. utilizing those houses it used to be attainable to set up heuristic synthesis procedures.

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G. the number of loops). For BTL networks TL graphs were also useful to derive a relation between the topology of a network and the degree of the network equation [1, chapter 4], however this is not very practical for MTL circuits due to the more complicated loop equation (2-5). It is very well possible to associate TL graphs with MOS trans linear networks. The gate-source connections of the transistors in the network are then represented by branches in the graph. Transistors connected in parallel are represented by only one branch, so TL graphs do not contain parallel branches.

3-32) is only valid if all transistors are conducting, in which case the output current Jout is equal to input current Iin2 .

All the transistor noise is assumed to be concentrated in this source and the transistor is considered to be noiseless. The equivalent noise source contains both the thermal and 1If noise contributions, so: 2 2 2 Veq=vn +V1t (2-44) with Vn and v Itrepresenting the thermal noise and the lIfnoise respectively. Veq -0 fig. 2-9 An MOS transistor with an equivalent noise source inserted at the gate. Thermal noise The input-referred thermal noise of an MOS transistor is given by [11]: (2-45) with kb = Boltzmann's constant T= absolute temperature gm = transistor transconductance at the operating point 26 Dynamic range and distortion i/fnoise The mechanism of 1/fnoise is strongly affected by details of device fabrication [12], [13].

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