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By Ursula Schorn

Anna Halprin is a world-famous theatre artist and early pioneer within the expressive arts therapeutic circulate. This booklet explores her own progress as a dancer and choreographer and the improvement of her healing and pedagogical strategy.

The authors, who every one knowledgeable with Halprin, introduce her inventive paintings and the 'Life/Art Process®' she constructed, an process that takes existence studies as a resource for creative expression. in addition they research the broader influence of Halprin's paintings at the fields of artwork, schooling, remedy and political motion and speak about how she crossed the conventionally outlined obstacles among them.

Exploring Halprin's trust that dance could be a robust strength for transformation, therapeutic, schooling, and making our lives entire, this publication is a tribute to a great physique of creative and healing paintings and should be of curiosity to expressive arts therapists, dance move psychotherapists, dancers, functionality and neighborhood artists, and somebody with an curiosity in modern dance.

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No one would walk in the area any more. The group was concerned with the fear of violence and loss of safety and decided to repossess the mountain. In 1981, 80 people – with police protection – went on a ritual hike and followed the perpetrator’s tracks to the scene of each murder, up to the summit of the mountain. 74 Anna Halprin followed the advice of the Huichol medicine man José Matsuwa, to continue repeating the ritual for five years, the time necessary to guarantee lasting results. After a trial lasting five years, a verdict of guilty was finally passed on the murderer.

Not just peace on Mount Tamalpais, but peace in the world was the theme of rituals that followed. The quest for external peace had its opposite pole in the quest for inner peace. The participants examined their inner conflicts, fears and illnesses as ‘myth’, which deepened and expanded through processes of psychokinetic visualisation. They combined resources into a score; RSVP Cycles gave structure to the process of collective creativity. Each person incorporated building blocks of their own, producing a blend of culturally diverse approaches – so, for example, Anna Halprin herself contributed a ritual act, influenced by a Jewish custom on top of a mountain, of pledging to do something in the coming year for the benefit of a being other than herself.

67 The public was asked to bring along objects from home, to put the piece together communally. For part of the evening men and women were separated, and both groups created their own environment from the objects within their respective spaces. In the following years Anna Halprin took experiences of encounter with cultural and social diversity into other social settings. In 1970 she created New Time Shuffle in a high security prison wing; in Kadosh (1971), echoing a Jewish mourning ritual, she tore up clothes in a Jewish temple in Oakland – on a Friday evening, which is normally the eve of Sabbath.

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