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Communications and data structures (Cis) help accumulating, processing, and replacing details. Cis automate regimen features, liberating commanders and staffs to target the features of command and regulate that require event, judgment, and instinct. team of workers who set up, function, and preserve Cis play a key function within the command and keep watch over of the Marine airground job strength (Magtf). it's a sarcasm to assert that the good fortune of the Magtf within the smooth battlespace relies on the powerful employment of Cis.

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05 meters (10 feet) or less over land, as in a vehicular installation, vertical polarization provides a stronger received signal at frequencies up to about 50 MHz. From about 50 to 100 MHz, there is only a slight improvement over horizontal polarization with antennas at the same height. Above 100 MHz, the difference in signal strength between vertical and horizontal polarization is small. However, when antennas are located near dense forests, horizontally polarized waves suffer lower losses than vertically polarized waves.

WARNING WHEN THESE SUBSTANCES ARE USED, IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THEY DO NOT GET INTO NEARBY DRINKING WATER SUPPLIES. For simple installations in the field, a single ground rod can be fabricated from pipe or conduit. It is important that a low resistance connection be made between the ground wire and the ground rod. The rod should be cleaned thoroughly by scraping and sandpapering at the point where the connection is to be made, and a clean ground clamp should be installed. A ground wire can then be soldered or joined to the clamp.

A loss in gain or efficiency of no more than 3 dB. A directivity pattern whose main beam is 13 dB greater than any of the side lobes, and a back lobe at least 15 dB below the main beam. Bandwidth is measured by changing the frequency of a constant-strength test signal above and below center frequency and measuring power output. The high and low frequencies, where power is one-half (-3 dB) of what it was at center, define the bandwidth. It is expressed as frequency (high minus low) or in percentage (high-low/center x 100%).

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